WHat is wrong with this picture? A News report: No one who is homeless will go hungry this holiday season. WHat about the rest of the YEAR?

And...please...kids like presents any time of the year....just like anyone does.

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Seems to me that the news report was flat out lying.

@Puddintain Seems to me that the news report was flat out lying.

Huh? WTF? What do they say on the News reports in your town?

So fucking patrionising...I tell you if the homeless ever have an uprising and destroy the world...I wouldn't blame them.

There is/was a building in TO - 650 Parliment. The residents were turfed out due to a fire and many belongings consequently stolen. This happened circa the summer (2018). Now...it's the end of 2018...they still don't have their apts back...they are still drifting...BUT they were given a Christmas dinner! It was on TV! It looked magnificent! And yeah...that makes up for Fucking ALL of it.

homeless people reject normal society standards. they are much happier then working 9-5 for 50 years. but it's a nice gesture

Pretty sure I wouldn't have a negative attitude towards it...if I were homeless.

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