Have you ever done anything stupid with an animal, (and you knew it was stupid at the time) and lost it's trust?
I have been trying to coax this old tom cat stray for the longest time, and he has come to allow me to pick him up and cuddle. Talk about trust! But for the last few times, he has stiffen his body, and then wiggled out of my arms. Last night I persisted and he tried to bite me.
Did I act mature? Did I show empathy? No, I pouted and said that "I don't have to feed you." He would barely come to me after that.
Did I think he understood what I was saying? No, but I disappointed him all the same. Chances are he was sore from a cat fight. He even lashed out at a kitten, which is something he never does.
Ugh! I spent five years trying to get this cat to trust me!