girls don't want to f*ck men they just want you to let them know they can, amirite?

I only use the term fck because saying you want to marry or procreate will cause them to run away.. at the most they want to fck

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I chose a vulgar way to say women want compliments but not sex

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Just because i'm super horney on the first night doesn't mean I don't want a future. what is the reason most relationships fail?? you wouldn't get a divorce because they found someone with more in common it's the sex that causes the break up.

I feel like they think they are being proper by rejecting a mans advances even though physically they are expressing interest

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it's almost like meeting at bars is self defeating.. im a really nice guy when I not pounding over priced drinks

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I never tell a ugly girl shes pretty. it's called honesty...i'm that kind of nice

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thanks for the humor . this post is about me pleasing one woman.. not all of them.

I disagree. The way I see it us men are more needing of sex, while I have the impression women have a far better control over this urge unlike us. One man can impregnate countless women, one woman can be impregnated by only one man so it's normal for women to be very selective of their mate. Butb we're not animals so we can think beyond instinct although we are somewhat affected by it.

You on the other hand sound bitter, so you've been let down and so what. A little advice from me if you go on like this being all bitter and judgy no woman will want you. On the other hand I disagree becaue women are more likely to chase marriage as they age as they see their reproductive window is closing faster.

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Quite so, I said that women control the urge, as men we're slaves to lust. This is why women have been using sex to control men for millennia.

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Im not touching that, no one's talking about islamic countries. Im talking anout democratic countries where both sexes are free


I think women trying to be equal with men are led to believe they will be as attractive to younger men just like they were to older men when they were younger. sad to say by the time a woman gets ready to settle down biologically they are too old. i'm somewhere in the middle right now .. too old to pursue the love I found in younger girls and too young to facilitate a woman's last ditch at a family.

@Sunny_the_skeptic I disagree. The way I see it us men are more needing of sex, while I have the impression women have a far better...

ok I was a little bitter last night and felt rejected I just don't understand woman. however I think men go way longer without sex .. if you ever say no to a woman (about sex or anything) it is not something they can handle and get thrown in to a fit of rage. Even the most desperate woman will get sex when she needs while men are left to struggle. I also think woman who get lonely are more likely to become bi sexual (for the night) . I think gay is a real thing but bi sexual are just lonely people trying to hook up. Bi sexual people have the least amount of sexual control and woman are a large proportion of this group

@Sunny_the_skeptic I disagree. The way I see it us men are more needing of sex, while I have the impression women have a far better...

is a drunken night of partying an unusual place to expect a sexual encounter. ….Get ready... I think regret is the biggest perpetrator of rape especially with students, a real rapist will take precautions to not get caught. brutal rape is disgusting but those are the ones who seem to get away. They are not the type to hold parties at their own home.
Just like many of my late night post … they seem like a good idea at the time but I will take responsibility for my actions.

@Sunny_the_skeptic You have a very weird outlook on life

I trying to find data on how many rapes need to occur before it's considered a natural function of evolution... yeah that's offensive and I wouldn't support it but i'm sure it helped to the early development of humans.. biologically not socially

@unknowncondition I trying to find data on how many rapes need to occur before it's considered a natural function of evolution...

Rape was never a needed thing for procreation. Women aren't made of stone, they're attracted to men and they choose the one that impressed them most. I've been turned down many times and that hasn't made me bitter or angry. I managed to win one girl so far and it has been the best thing to happen to me. I don't know what is it with you, you have very edgy opinion of women.

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I think lesbians don't get so defensive when another woman dominates them. they can summit to a higher power with out feeling oppressed


I know at least 3 bisexual girls and neither of them want a girl for a relationship, they say that they cant stand women for that long and want to feel like women with a stronger manly figure over them.

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Did you take offense? Im not making this up. Her words were "to make her feel a woman" Or is it not the strong independent woman view you want to hear?

I have many woman with children tell me they are done having children... to me that's a huge turnoff ( that's very confusing) obviously your previous lover was a failure but they are unwilling to provide me the same trust they gave a clearly poor match.

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