THE ILLUMINATI BALL IMMERSIVE THEATER - HOME The Light of Scientific Truth.Am I the only one who finds this more creepy that entertaining?

I never understood how the cult film Eyes Wide Shut became associated with Christmas, despite the season and decorations depicted in the film. That always seemed just wrong to me. It's now being tied to New Year's Eve, though, thanks to the Speakeasy Dollhouse and, ostensibly, the Baron and Baroness de Rothschild in the form of a New Year's Eve ball à la Eyes Wide Shut ambiance.

Rife with esoteric Illuminati symbolism and decadence, including overt sexuality, the all-seeing eye, an owl reminiscent of the iconic one associated with Bohemian Grove, Baphomet-like costumes/characters, and commandments copied verbatim from the Georgia Guidestones. You can even live chat online with the Pig King, if you'd care to. (2019 being the Chinese Year of the Pig, that seems to be a theme.)

Some see this as an open acknowledgement of the existence of the Illuminati, long considered a "conspiracy theory", while others see it as just entertainment, albeit a bit pricey at $200-400+. Your thoughts?