FATAH: Coming soon, believe it or not — Islamic Party of Ontario | Toronto Sun As people around the globe celebrate the New Year, for me 2019 is beginning just the way 2018 did — with a threat against me.Leading up to 2018, the threats against me were quite blatant, lea…+2if our laws allows this party to be, we are in for hell like we have never seen in Canada, funny how if a christian even mentions God in the government they are demonized, but yet the same hypocrites who would bash christians for it, most likely support this crap!

this is BAD, we don;t need a radical religious government formed of people wanting to destroy the west and kill all infidels or whites. if asshole trudeau allows this CRAP is their any more evidence you need to see that he hates canada he hates Canadians and wants nothing more then to replace us with illegals?