If you found a survey you didn't like the wording of , to avoid disproving your own opinion you would lie or avoid it , amirite?

surveys are not fact they are information to make you believe it's a fact (ex. Political polls)

0% i'll pretend like I didn't see this 33% I always answer honestly even if under penalty of law 0% I don't understand the question 33% Are you saying people lie?? 33% what's the point of surveys then?? 0% i'm honest
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maybe I'm not clear, this is also about dishonesty in the survey taker as well. I guess my point is , is that we as experienced humans know all the tricks of manipulation , so much so that we see through the point of information gathering methods. this describes most of my own posts actually as i'm not asking your opinion i'm trying to make you see why I have my own.

This reminds me of a personality trait test I had to take for a job. we know what the right answers are even though we may not agree with them. In that case it would be foolish to be honest because some questions have you going against your beliefs.
I actually failed this test and was made to retake it. I wonder what the point of it was then and from it I've learned that the preferred answer is always better then the honest one.

just a little food for thought in our times of social conditioning

unknownconditions avatar unknowncondition what's the point of surveys then?? 0Reply

I have a knack of being able to recognize dog poo...... without having to step in it.

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unknownconditions avatar unknowncondition what's the point of surveys then?? 0Reply

Some surveys are worded in such a way as to get the result desired by the group doing the survey, or by those who paid for the survey.
If I suspected such dishonesty, I wouldn't take part.

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