What will today's kids never understand?

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Playing outside until dinner time. a smilie

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But they can't because they don't have to!Despite having taught Maths in Primary School I find myself reaching for the calculator.Its easier!


ok so I think your right and wrong. someone should know 3x5 off the top of their head but so much modern learning is just memory . I think our brains run out of space way quicker then we think why waste it filling it up with stuff that is not necessary for survival. you would hate to get a post from me without spell check, for some reason early on my mind decided that spelling (especially English, which is not based on logic pronunciation but more memory) is not worth my brain space. I have a vast vocabulary and understand what the words are and mean but people can't get past the fact that I spelled it wrong. here's one of my crazy opinions, so take a breath. I believe there are many correct ways to spell the same word, even if I butcher spelling a word horribly some smart ass will try to correct me. if I conveyed what word I was trying to spell to the point you can identify it , I have communicated to you properly , so get over it. so give them a break hopefully they are using the brains for more worth while thought then remembering their times tables.

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math was the only thing I found useful in school so right again boz I just like hearing you convince me... I just wanted to vent about spelling and how spell check has changed my life. stem jobs =Science technology engineering and math make up 6 % of U.S. employment. (to me this is shocking ) what a waste school is . History is not used in any jobs why do they push it on us. After all the leftist bullshit I say we take history out of school. Important history is pretty subjective in direction of studies and any selective omission would be detrimental to progress. I keep being told" if you don't remember the past your doomed to repeat it" but if you keep bringing up the worst shit in history you will also forget the progress that happened. Example: learning about hitler might encourage someone more then deter them

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Probably because it was presented in a dull,matter of fact way.Says he with a History degree.

What it's like to be without their cell phones and computers.

Spare the rod, spoil the child.

1.Having to use collect call, I mean neither do I, we didnt have those and when I was a kid mobile phones just started becoming a thing.
2. Having to use alarm clocks to get up.
3. Cassette players,
4. Watching Home alone on VHS.

responsibility, common sense, if you live in an area like where I live, they also will not know what its like to be kids, they will learn to be confused about who they are (gender BS indoctrination and such)


The difference between freedom and being watched all the time.

That 'going off grid' used to be a natural state.

@Sukiesnow That 'going off grid' used to be a natural state.

Oh yes!Could disappear for hours and no one would have a clue where you where.

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