Now that Cannabis is Legal here...the ignorant population is getting SO concerned! the abuse of alcohol continues to kill people every day and destroy lives on a regular basis.

You should see the ads here on tv that are supposed to 'educate''s a herb...and much like any 'herb' it has properties one should know about... Take Valerian Root...for example...not such an innocent herb either... And... Cinnabar, anyone?

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It is safer than alcohol, but for decades people have been fed anti-pot propaganda, so it's gonna take a long time to shake off the stigma.

weed is the miracle drug big pharmaceutical fears. can't wait the big day it's free of the medical worlds ignorant restrictions. Alcohol puts people in the hospital for the medical establishment, marijuana keeps people out

Personally I think cell phones kill more people than alcohol, but that's JMHO. :)

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