Since we are all just interested in what effects us personally...I really don't give a damn who wins what award at the Golden Globes OR the Oscars.

And really...black people? I'm not black so I could care less...BUT it's really NICE tho that they try hard to include various...what...various sectors of the population? No one can really complain huh. Even Canada got Sandra Ho...c'mon...is she really Canadian? Please.

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Yet they are still popular and people seem to keep tuning in

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Some people like them, some don't. To each his own I guess. I rarely will watch them on TV, but I have attended several of them throughout my life. They're kind of fun for awhile.

@Flrdsgns Yet they are still popular and people seem to keep tuning in

The viewership trend is down, not up... or even steady.
"Awards show and live events have suffered noticeable audience erosion in recent years. Shows like the Oscars and the Emmys saw significant drop offs in their television audience this year, with the Emmys hitting an all-time viewership low back in September on NBC."

@Flrdsgns When it is no longer profitable, Networks will stop showing them. It's all about money.

Yep, as long as they can sell their ads, and they are still managing to do that.
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Hey, looky!  Guess who's right up there as an Oscars sponsor with Rolex, Cadillac, Google, Samsung and AT&T?  That's right!  WALMART!! biggrin smilie

Or any other award,anywhere,anytime.

Eh? Sandra Oh.

@Sukiesnow Eh? Sandra Oh.

Oh yes, just a typo, eh...? hehe smilie

thank you I said that after watching an amazing football game that was more entertaining then any movie of the year... awards every year is a little much how about every 5 years

@Sukiesnow Just an opportunity for Hollywood to spend a fortune on clothes...

Clothes are on loan, celebs don't pay anything. Designers use the awards shows to showcase their latest designs.

They still have those?..

"Even Canada got Sandra Ho...c'mon...is she really Canadian? Please."
OMG, I just hope Justin doesn't read this post!  omg smilie ono smilie

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