At what point is science separated from opinion?

I happen to read this article on BBC and was having a difficult time not laughing when I got to the bullet points at the bottom under: "Other claims made by Indian politicians and scientists"

India scientists dismiss Einstein theories - BBC NewsSpeakers at a major conference have been criticised for making irrational claims based on Hindu mythology.https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-46778879
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the second someone says a theory cannot be argued it is fact is the point it is no longer science and becomes opinion.

the safe word is "theories".. schools shouldn't teach things unprovable or at the least don't call it science

@Walt_OReagun Interestingly, gravity falls under both a scientific "law" and "theory". Great article on...

as usual the explanation confused me more then the question. I understand waves and force fields because we can observe them thru instruments why is gravity not observable. Buoyancy is the most similar thing to gravity if you ask me, wait correction, I theorize gravity is more like buoyancy the moon outside of our atmosphere has no resistance and stays there ( once a bubble gets to the top of the ocean it will pop but if it didn't it would stay there forever) My proof would be gravity not pulling massive object from space( also every asteroid would be drawn to earth or at least have an arch . Now go teach that in school!!! I don't want to burst anybody's bubble but if they stop preaching nontruths then I'll stop being such a smartass.

@unknowncondition as usual the explanation confused me more then the question. I understand waves and force fields because we can...

Speaking of the moon ... it is actually moving farther away from Earth, by about 4 cm/year, due to centrifugal force. The relationship between the two is also causing Earth's rotation to slow (days were shorter billions of years ago, as research of reef development shows).


If the relationship keeps up long enough ... both the Earth and Moon will have 1 rotation every 47 "days".


Could you imagine a 47-day "day/night" cycle? LOL

This is what happens when channels like Discovery and History have shows that spout nonsense about "ancient aliens", including linking them to religious texts.

Well, one point of separation is when a literalist view of religious texts tries to supersede modern science.

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