these doctors are heroes! law does not define morality, if it did then Hitler did NOTHING wrong, he did after ALL make it legal to kill jews or anyone he didn;t like.

age makes one as much or less human as your skin color, birth does not magically make one any more alive or human. just like being black or white does not make you more or less human.

abortion is murder, and in USA alone has claimed more lives then every other cause of death combined.

how we can sleep at night knowing that innocent lives are being brutally slaughtered every second is mind boggling!

95% of Doctors in Ireland are Refusing to Kill Babies in Abortions | LifeNews.comFewer than 5 percent of doctors in Ireland have told the government that they are willing to abort unborn babies. Abortions became legal on Jan. 1 in Irelandhttps://www.lifenews.com/2019/01/07/95-of-doctors-in-ireland-are-refusing-to-kill-babies-in-abortions/
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You may be celebrating a little early here. The first sentence in the article: "Fewer than 5 percent of doctors in Ireland have told the government that they are willing to abort unborn babies." That in no way indicates that 95% are refusing. Abortions been legal for 8 days, might take them some time to figure it all out, it's certainly a decision I would take some time on. The source article states "‘We are satisfied that there is already a good geographic spread of GPs taking part, enough to meet the needs of people who may need to access the service. Currently 179 GPs have signed the contract and each day more GPs are signing up, as the service evolves.’" So I imagine this number will climb a bit.


This article suggests we will see about 20% of GP's willing to do abortions. I guess time will tell, it does seem a bit odd to be part of a GP's job. 20 percent should be more than enough to cover the needs of Ireland too many doctors doing them and they wouldn't get enough practice with the procedure.

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so as a libertarian do you side on the pro choice when it comes to slavery? or murder of older people?

i too am libertarian leading but that does not make murder a choice or ok especially not murder of the MOST innocent lives

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defaulted or sided i fail to see the difference.

if killing a baby is not murder then Hitler didn't murder a single soul then, and can't have a genocide if a single soul wasn;t murdered, right?

if its not the governments job to make the genocide of babies illegal then its not the governments job to make murder of older people, to make theft, or rape illegal, or any other crime for that matter. if this is your opinion then i can and do respect that, but you can;t say its not government place for abortion but say its governments job for any other evil one human inflicts on another human. that would be double standard.
imo freedom does not include freedom to harm another human being
without the basic right to life, any other right we have is absolutely meaningless

will watch the video when I im done watching NCIS lol

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