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I feel like I see illegals all the time, maybe if I ever saw and aircraft carrier in a domestic port they would make me feel safe , nope they are always watching some oil field in the middle east.
your right i'm just trying to put perspective on the cost of a wall which does have 1000's of paying jobs factored in . the wall projects are the types of projects that got the US out of the first depression

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will the wall create 1000's of jobs ...yes
proactive government benefits the people automatically
ask any doctor if we are in a depression... haha

Not sure how they claim it's "the most technologically advanced warship ever built".
Maybe they don't count the Navy's prototype warships equipped with lasers and railguns?

@unknowncondition the one from the Philadelphia experiment was pretty advanced .. haha

I got a laugh out of the fact the sailors will have access to tablets to, among other things, show them where they are at in the ship. Also the pictures of it looking like a patchwork quilt, until the final paint job.

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