Found this link edible dishes, good or bad idea??

This sounds like a great idea to me. Think graham cracker spoons for vanilla pudding. If you don't want to eat the spoon throw it on the ground a dog or animal will get it or it will melt in the rain.

BAKEYS | Edible CutleryIndia Innovates Episode 4 - Edible Cutleryhttp://www.bakeys.com/
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I don't want a whole truck just a cup will do for meo_o smilie

These could be fun. I've seen lots of edible nacho bowls and ice cream sundae bowls made of sugar cone. (I'm getting a little hungry!) a smilie

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oh sugar cones yummy, but so hard to find at an ice cream store

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The article said chopsticks and straws wouldn't work cause they melted too soon. I guess we will be back to those nasty paper straws.

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