Does buying new things make you sad?

The Diderot effect sounds absurd when talking about a new dressing gown, but when talking about furniture, tools, appliances, etc it starts to make sense.

The video is only 4 min long so take a a gander if you have a little time. biggrin smilie

Why new things make us sad - BBC ReelIn 1769, in Paris, a French philosopher Denis Diderot described how a new, luxurious red dressing gown made him miserable rather than happy. The cause of that unhappiness is still being examined by psychologists and marketing professionals some 250 years later. A film by Brendan Miller https://www.bbc.com/reel/video/p06xj82h/why-new-things-make-us-sad
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Only if I need to replace something that has meant a lot to me, like a coat or umbrella that was originally a gift from a deceased loved one.

I understand the idea, but can't say it ever made me sad. It is interesting that people have been finding bullshit reasons to be unhappy for a long time. :)

I was very sad when we built this house, not sad at the newness but so very sad when I had to leave the home I really loved behind. But I got over it....it was the best thing we ever did.

A little bit, now and then, when I need to replace something I was fond of.

No. I can understand when people have no other choice than to give up items they value to make room for new things.

@Masha No. I can understand when people have no other choice than to give up items they value to make room for new things.

I agree with that, but Diderot was saying that the issue was buying something new made him feel sad because it made him want to buy everything else new to match it.

Not really sad but I do check the trift stores often and get many used things better than what i usually have. right now people are very poor so there isn't so much in those thrift stores - sometimes i have to go to a real store, hate full price, but i usually find the best price i can.

Sometimes nostalgia for things of the past, make me tear up a little.

I understand the notion, but it definitely does not apply to me.

Diderot should have thought of the obvious solution... make his new dressing gown shabby, as quickly as possible, to match his other stuff. Smear ink on it, clean out the ashes from his stove while wearing it, etc.

Can't say that I've ever became sad from buying something new.

I did once buy a brand new rod and reel, the rod broke before I ever got in the boat with it, to use it.
I might've been sad for about 20 seconds.
I thought about bringing it back but just decided to fix it myself..

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