could have bet you 1000$ does was the next step, please do not accuse me of being a drunk driver because I stand up for MY RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS as underlined in our CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS, but this law is UNACCEPTABLE! whether you drink or don;t drink, you cannot be for a free country and be ok with this. I don;t drink and drive, but being pulled over without cause was already too far (and a complete breach of our rights under canadian bill of rights), but this is way too far. anyone who did history should know how well reporting each other went in nazi germany.

trudeau has got to go. if anyone agrees with his dictatorship you should all find a deserted island and enjoy your dictatorship there. but please do not impose this on canadians.

even you are ok with police checking you at a bar, they CANNOT arrest you as you haven;t driven yet, they have no proof you where going to drive afterwards, people take UBER or taxi's nowadays f they drink too much) but under this new law, the police could arrest you and you could be charged criminally and lose your liscence even if you never drank and drove. regardless of where they check you