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Good thing I don't say it very often or I might get confused after this. :)

It's always been car-mul for me. We have a town here in my state that is called car-mul too, but out in California they call it the other way.

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The connection to the town is ultimately biblical.
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Mt. Carmel

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both but first i think peacans p e c a n people might look to see how words are spelled in order to say it properly. Someone brought it to my attention that i said leotards wrong, the Maine way I had never read the word.


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I don't use the word very often, myself. As I recall, I usually pronounce it either car-a-mel or the the way I clicked on in answer options.

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Neither. I pronounced it kah-rah-mell

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gronk. what state are you in? I am in Maine would never say it without using r it that way.

I'm not a native speaker of English, but, if I were to say it, it would probably be something like "karrah-mell".

Kind of a combination of both. Something like car-uh-mul

Neither.  I pronounce it CA-ra-mel.

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I have absolutely no idea how political talk made it on my post about caramel pronunciation. Like I genuinely do not understand why you brought up the last paragraph. But okay, I guess...

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Oh those boston accents or any ne accent kills me. My gram was from england my mom from connrcticut . Both schooled us to speack properly. If I get very tired I may get the accent a bit cause I live in Maine it is all around me all the time.


I was going to pahk my cah in the Hahv'd Yahd, but but then I discovered there was no parking lot there. biggrin smilie
And yes, this new crop of Democrats are disgusting, but they are playing to the base that put them where they are.

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