All children in school should turn away!!!!
All social justice warriors press record!!!

Lets be for total equality... this post will recoqnize the differencse in dress code for woman and men.
Fist you will agrue that private property has a right to refuse service. It seems this is only true for some cases because there would still be novelty "whites only" places. which should be legal in the sense that owners have the right, however these laws only protect some instancies and not all of them.
obviously that kind of segragation is moraly bad and i am against it. But in a legal standpoint i don't see whats wrong.
My problem is how i could be refused service becasue i lack the proper attire. even more bother some is that a womans dress code is more lenient. spagetti string tops are allowed or even tube tops for woman but men must wear a collar shirt. Men aren't allowed in with sneakers but woman get away with sandals even wearing jeans or shorts will get you kicked out as a man. you could say it's about classing up the joint but it seems the more tits and ass you show as a woman the more you draw wanted attention from the saphisticated folk. I would never dare ask a woman to cover herself up but i constandly have been asked to. I'm against dress code but if there is one why such differant standards. Please explain to me how this doe not constitute sexism.

Also i have been asked to take hats, glasses (i have light sensitive eyes) and hoods off in bars and banks. The only reason i have come up with is to better identify a theif if they rob you. I would warn against this as a bank teller because it enrages me as a non violent and can only imagaine that asking a robber to remove their hood would only make you their first target. As if security was the job of the bank tellers anyway, i often feel they do it as powertrip.
Anyone care to enlighten me.

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To me the transgender movement has blurred these lines .. I mean technically a man in a dress is a allowed. Good for them , what set of rules are in place so I enter buildings un molested by being asked to take my hat off and wear a pointless collar.
thanks for bringing up work , work you must follow all reasonable instructions . even against religious and expressive freedoms. I was listening to an argument that asked if make up was too sexually oriented for the work place as well as high heals. it was supposed in this argument that woman would be less objectified and prone to unwanted sexual advances. Make sense to Me, however I do appreciate the hard work woman put in looking good.

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I know that , but my inborn sense to get along and understand is making me contradict myself. Lies tend to cause this

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