i think we should make black panther white, just because, make the black lead character in Django unchained white, redo fresh prince of bel air but cast a white lead instead of Will smith. WHY? just because, I don;t care about lore, the history, or nothing like that, only that i want it to be white to fit my political agenda, sound racist? well that is exactly, what liberal SJW's are doing, replacing white people with black simply because they want to fill their own left wing agenda's damned be the history or lore.
needless to say i will not watch such shows, like the witcher 3, such a shame was so exited. guess the books and games will have to do

The Witcher Netflix Show Just Lost The Fandom - YouTubeThe Witcher Series is one of the most beloved video game series/books in our lifetime and Netflix just totally blew it #Netflix #TheWitcherhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZmzYjqMeb0
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