Would you work for free - under any circumstances?

I feel sad for the government workers who are required to work without pay. Congress and president keep getting checks I think I might walk away from the job maybe even the country and they really couldn't do much about it. What would you do?

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Sure, there are many instances when I've chosen to work for free. Working for an employer and not getting paid though, is a whole different thing. I've done that also, working overtime, voluntarily. HAVING to attend work without getting a paycheck to pay pending bills and other necessities just isn't "okay".

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Oh es, but that is something you do on your own - not like government employees right now . AND did you know congress just got a raise and they are being paid . very unfair, it gives them no reason to care, take their pay and see how fast things get voted on.

Of course, especially when so much is on the line in this stand-off. I would work for free to help this country.

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Yes, I have a couple of times.

I've almost worked for free.
The employer provided "room and board", and a daily stipend.

I have volunteered, and have donated time and money for various causes, but having an employer tell me I have to show up for work and not be paid is a flat no. No pay, no work period.

At my job?...No

To help family/ friends, something like that...yes

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