Previews to movies give away too much. It ruins the movie.

I always cover my ears and eyes. Yup. Call me crazy.

Image for post Previews to movies give away too much.  It ruins the movie.
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Yeah, they show the highlights from beginning to end...giving away the whole story. :). Please don’t watch that trailer for ‘Shallow Grave’ again...because it basically tells the whole story. Lol that’s what made me think of this question. I went and watched the trailer and AHHH! Sorry. Big pet peeve of mine.

Some of them do ... I guess there's a fine line between grabbing the viewer's interest and revealing too much of the plot.

Remember T.V. Guide? You didn't need a t.v. when your read that magazine.

Pressing more and nothing's happening.Still!I was told this had been fixed!
I try not to watch previews.Some are so long they give away too much,

Not always.
Sometimes, the trailers are actually misleading.
You think the film is going to be about {X} based on the trailers ... but it's actually about {Q}.
IMO, that is more annoying than trailers that show ALL the good points of the movie.

I like the previews, that determines a lot for me if I want to pay to see the movie.