Do you sometimes feel as if you have a ginormous neon "FUCK WITH ME, PLEASE!!!" sign flashing on your forehead?

I used to. Okay, I still think I do. But I realized people also picked up the vibe over the phone...and more recently over the internet. WTF?

Whenever we ordered out for lunch when I worked at the order, and only my order, was always screwed matter where we ordered from.

I have a rebate thing I do via the internet, and nearly every time it screws something up, either the amount or it just doesn't give me a credit at all (supposed to be within 24-48 hours), and after a week or so, I spend another week or so getting it straightened out. I just submitted a rebate, carefully noting that every single item was credited me $6.60 of the $12.60 it matched. Seriously...WTF?

Does it show up to everyone but me on my avatar? If anyone out there can screenshot my flashing neon would be much appreciated. I'm reasonably certain it is using colors I wouldn't like, and I don't quite know where to complain about that...but I would really like verification it exists.

Thank you. biggrin smilie