Earlier this week, the Supreme Court released some very positive news about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. According to numerous reports, the 85-year-old justice is cancer free and recovering at home. But while recovering, she will continue to work from home until she is healthy enough to return to the bench — which means she will be missing oral arguments on several upcoming cases before the Supreme Court.
Work-from-Home Justice
While there is much ado among the press about Ginsburg working from home, the practice is not unprecedented. Not surprisingly, rumors have started to run rampant that there may be else something wrong with Ginsburg that hasn’t been reported — but Ginsburg has no one to blame but herself for those rumors. read more:

While recovering from the initial rib injury, Ginsburg stated that she was just about all healed up.

The very next day, reports surfaced she was back in the hospital to have cancerous nodules removed from her lung.
If she can't be present for the oral arguments, then it is only right that she doesn't VOTE on any of the arguments.........AMIRITE OR WHAT???? How many people think that is going to happen.????huh? Amirite?