OOOOOPS! Can you just imagine if this was a CONSERVATIVE????? Holy Guacamole Batman!!!!!
Oops! New Years Day featured Elizabeth Warren going live on Instagram in order to build her brand. Warren has announced her 2020 Candidacy for the office of President. The camera shot featured her kitchen as she drank a beer, the better to seem more Sharp-eyed citizens deconstructed the appearance of her kitchen background, however, and turned up the type of ceramic figurine that would immediately doom a Conservative candidate. I'm saying "DOOOOOOOM"!!!!!Shame on you Poca"haunt"us!!!
No word yet from Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton.

I just wish the playing field would get a most needed overhaul.....so that the rules for everyone are the same......and the bias that has permeated the electoral process was scrutinized a bit more.....I have a bulldozer for rent......!!!! Imagine a faux\Indian sitting high atop her throne...with a racist figurine staring at her, eating watermelon...day after day....and no conscious effort on Poca"haunt"us's part to make it right????? Her bad!

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Why aren't you posting my picture???? TOO shocking for ya???

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