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I would not, although it hasn't always been easy for me to tell a boss I'm leaving. A couple of times though, it has been both easy AND gratifying.

There was never a problem when I quit a job, gave my two weeks notice and was gone. I certainly would not be paying someone to let me quit. I'd stay on, call in sick all the time, spend a lot of time drinking coffee, etc.

If you don't have what it takes to tell your employer you are quiting, I don't think they are losing much of an employee.

No, I can't imagine being unable to face my own decisions and any perceived consequences.

That is silly, if you are getting done, no reason to care what they think.

I told my boss I’m leaving without hesitation. Though I enjoyed my job, financial issues sprang up and quitting was my only choice.

I've never quit a job but if I did, I wouldn't need anyone else to do it for me, not even for free.

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