Dems in DISASTER! Confusion and disarray ruining 2020 hopes
After Democrats retook the House in November’s critical mid-term elections, the mainstream media boasted that the left was going to win back total control in 2020.
But there’s one thing the liberal media didn’t account for: It’ll be OVER for democratic hopeful long before the polls open up. Because liberals are afraid to admit they can’t get out of their own way. The months following the House swing have proven the left is hopelessly immature and fractured — which is likely to decimate Democrat’s 2020 hopes.
The phrase “act like you’ve been here before,” needs repeating here.
The focus of liberal lawmakers has already become endlessly confused, off-topic, and all lacking coordination in Congress’ current session.
Ahead of the

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), for example, has been continuously attacked by her own party for being so radical — and she’s getting punchy about it.. Recently on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Cortez said she didn’t care about Democrats national agenda and, using colorful words, that people in her own party don’t matter.

She even went as far as embracing divisiveness, an accusation liberals often level at President Donald Trump.

It’s almost as if the left isn’t even aware of its own hypocrisy. How cute.
Read the article with link attached....very interesting!!!!

Dems in DISASTER! Confusion and disarray ruining 2020 hopes - The Horn NewsThe democrats are in TROUBLE. They've fallen a long way since taking the House in Novemember and the campaign for 2020 is ruined already! (Hint: The chaos is in its own party!)https://thehornnews.com/dems-in-disaster-why-an-implosion-will-wreck-2020-hopes/
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