What is the most important material possession you have and why?

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My home ... it's the safe haven for my loved ones and me.

Probably the car! Without a car we couldn't get groceries, meds or anything.

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That's true, but computers lock up and go bad. I prefer my car.

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Haha but computers can't take me to church or to lunch with my friends. Or to the mall. lol

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Not funny, very practical. Scroll down another person agrees with me....

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I have a great sense of humor, I'm laughing at your comments. lol No, I'm sure you don't care who agrees or disagrees with me, but you chose MY comments to disagree with. lol That in itself makes me laugh. Also, I have a 100% clean driving record, I'll bet you can't say that. Never a ticket, never an accident. Bye now, I'm off in my beautiful car to have breakfast at a nice restaurant. Gear up that computer and drive it to your next hair appointment. lol Ta Ta lol

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A Baum&Mercier watch which was given to me several years ago.

My car. I’m lucky to have a car. When I drive in my car I notice people who obviously don’t have a car and I feel bad for being in a bad mood. That’s something I take for granted a lot. Especially in the Winter and Summer. Especially when I see people with kids. I don’t have kids, but I imagine if I had to rush my cat to the hospital, she wouldn’t make it. And then I think...um, imagine if you had kids....oh, and a home. That’s a big one too. 😟😬🤔

My ipod. I have bad anxiety, sensory problems and insomnia so without it coping would be a lot harder.

My body.
Where would I be without it...?

Toothbrush....wouldn't have any teeth without it...well normal teeth, not burnt match sticks.

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