Would you rather go to a University or a community college?

78% University 22% community college
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11 19

Whichever one I could afford.

I've been to both college and university. (Not a community college we are a little different in ontario). Both were very good educational experiences

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They were different that's for sure,

The college program I did actually required a university degree for admission. It was a much more intense workload. Much more practical classes, more concentrated learning.

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Assuming I could afford it, I would prefer a university.

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On point. Much to learn from dropouts turned entrepreneurs!

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Either one would have been fine, depending upon my career choice. I only went to school with specific goals. I never wanted to be a professional student. a smilie

Took uni courses at 16, went to CC at 18. Then I decided that neither was for me.

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In Canada, we now call collage, University.

I'm already in a university. Collages aren't as popular here in Bulgaria. We have government programs where Bulgarian citizens pay so much less for tuition, there are limited spots every year that the top x number of people from entry exams get to study that way. Let's just say that I pay less than 1\7 of what my fee would be.

I went to both and recommend it, unless you are wanting to get accepted for post graduate in a field like medical school which has very high standards of achievement to get admitted.


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