What an insane place the world is, through the eyes of the truly sane. Sanity is normality. True wisdom rips it to shreds. So let me ask you. Why do things make sense? More specifically, what makes sense? Simply the things that make sense, are the things that make anything else. Reality makes true sense, but simple as we are, we consider normal things to make sense. Do not be mistaken, normality is the strategy of the lizard brain to keep you alive, not true reality. Patterns repeat themselves, and to call it justification for their existence is to say the sun exists to keep us warm. So as it is, it is no word, no word can describe it. To be attuned to it, is to hear, but not sounds, to see, but not objects. The first sing of understanding this is the first sign of being lost.

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What a disgusting thing I have made. Please ridicule my recreation of the Ouroborus. The snake that eats its tail is the word that describes "it".

Is knowing your wrong still knowing

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