The Democrats seem to want to fill what’s left of the country with a plethora of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America, apparently being opposed to White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) immigrants from northern and western Europe or, for that matter, even White Catholics from eastern and southern Europe.
We keep hearing from the Make-Believe Media (MBM) that there are some 12 million illegal immigrants from Latin America in the United States today. That number is highly suspect as it has been used by the leftists for the past two decades. The more likely number of illegal aliens from Latin America today is around 40 million!
That number gave me yet another brilliant idea!!!

We hear a lot of whining right now from the Left, the MBM, and even some military people about what might happen to our Kurdish allies scattered throughout the Middle East when we finally pull our last 2,000 troops out of what is about to become the Syrian Meatgrinder. Turks, and their current autocratic excuse for a government, are decidedly anti-Kurd. Some in the US administration fear a genocide on the order of Armenia, Rwanda, and the earlier (1986 – 89) Kurdish genocides combined.

There are roughly 35 million Kurds scattered about the world, principally in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Since the Democrats are so very Europhobic, why not deport ALL of the illegals currently in the United States and replace them with the world-wide Kurdish population? VOILA!

The only problem I see with getting this solution past the House Democrats is that the Kurds will probably vote Republican!

Article written by BlueMax372. [R A SCHULTZ]