Andrew Cuomo says pro-lifers are not welcome in the State of New York
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is already notorious among pro-lifers for being one of the most pro-abortion politicians in the nation. The state he serves already has one of the highest abortion rates in the country, but he has been continually fighting to make abortion even more widespread and commonplace in New York.
Now, the abortion extremist is taken it even farther, publicly proclaiming on the Capitol Pressroom that pro-lifers are not welcome to live in New York.
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Last year, Governor Cuomo made it clear that he wants New York to be the abortion capital of the world. New York’s abortion rate statewide is already almost twice as high as the national average, and in New York City, it’s even worse. Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Act, opposed by the majority of New Yorkers, was defeated last year, but Cuomo has sworn to try to get it passed again in 2014.

That Andrew Cuomo wants there to be more abortions in New York isn’t a surprise to anyone. That he is so extreme as to say that pro-lifers shouldn’t even be able to live in his state, simply for believing in the sanctity of life, is truly shocking. To him, evidently it’s not good enough for abortion to just be legal and widespread – he thinks that pro-lifers should be not only silenced, but kicked out of the state.

It’s despicable and disturbing. And while pro-lifers are used to abortion advocates attempting to have them silenced, this takes it to an entirely new and sickening level.
Sickening doesn't even come close.!

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