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Trump wants to build a wall...The dog and pony show, doesn't want to build a wall.

Republicans want to build a wall....Democrats don't like walls.
Democrats want to build a wall....Republicans don't like walls.

No win situation, for other than politicians.

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Thanks Bozette. smile smilie

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I did look it up, and your assertion is incorrect by a very long shot.
According to this list of killings by police, the average is 369 per year over the last 10 years (varying widely from a low of 73 to a high of 848).
By comparison, there are typically about 17,000 murders per year in the US.
The average percentage killed by cops is therefore about 369/17000 = about 2%, and that's assuming all killings by cops are murder.
If you have better numbers, I would be interested in seeing your source.

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And most of the people police kill are shot in self defense.