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Well, that might be a little embarrassing for him. Even though it was very shortly after the Moscow Summit, and "comaraderie" between the Soviet Union and America was at a fairly hopeful point. Even though he was there for a sister-city program, was newly married, and has reportedly written about the incident and trip himself.

What a terrible thing, for 47 year old newlywed to be singing and drinking in his underwear, with his wife there!

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I fail to see what being tipsy and singing a Woody Guthrie song without a shirt on, has to do with anything "locker room". I don't know if he's planning on running again in 2020, either.

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So do I, mostly, now that the blowhard egomaniacal celebrity IS the president. That would be why I very rarely bring it up, myself.

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Yea but that's when Russians were cuddly and cute..

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@Thinkerbell I bet Bernie had a Gorbasm.

Probably did....looks like he might've been smoking whacky weed.

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The Soviet descamisados?
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