Eliminate ‘Super Duper’ Non-essentials and Fund Trump’s Border Wall
Want to fund Trump’s border wall? All it takes is getting rid of about 8% of the non-essential workers we keep hearing about. There’s no need to declare a national emergency. If these employees — paid for by the American taxpayer — are truly non-essential, then here’s a plan to get the wall, pressure the federal unions, and shrink the government.
First, let’s look at basic economics and the way things work in the real world. If more people want blue jeans, guess who’s hiring? That’s right… the blue jean companies. If all of a sudden, people want khaki pants, then blue jean factories will shrink… people will be laid off.
The left and the media somehow believe that a government job is somehow more sacred than a private sec

Sounds so simple is' too good to be true.....Just DO IT!

Eliminate ‘Super Duper’ Non-essentials and Fund Trump’s Border Wall – GOPUSAhttp://www.gopusa.com/?p=64305?omhide=true
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You mean non-essential like the Air traffic controllers? Or perhaps the forestry service? Homeland security should be disbanded, but sadly, they are needed to keep terrorists out of this country.

The non-essentials will be replaced by the illegals if there is no wall. How ironic is that?
It boggles the mind that the wall is "immoral" but killing babies almost born is perfectly fine in this country.

Do away with Trump and his billionaire friends/family who are bilking the government, they are definitely non-essentials. He spends 3 million every time he goes to Florida. Stop him from flying that would be a great big chunk of money for his wall.

They could do away with half of the DMV, that would start a good lump sum.

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