U.S. tracking three migrant caravans, one with 12,000 people
The U.S. government is tracking three separate migrant caravans, one of them estimated to be more than 12,000 people in size, heading north toward the U.S., a top Pentagon official said Tuesday.
Defense Undersecretary for Policy John Rood told Congress that those caravans are one reason why the presence of active-duty troops is still needed on the U.S.-Mexico border.
He also said military medical personnel are helping with the latest border problem, dealing with an increase in sick migrants showing up at the border and in need of immediate attention.
Some 2,300 active-duty troops are still on the border, down from 5,900 who were initially ordered deployed in late October, ahead of previous caravans. That’s in addition to abou

The troops were called late last year to harden the official border crossings, laying 70 miles of razor wire near the ports of entry, which Homeland Security says has been critical in preventing caravans from successfully breaking through.

The defense officials said moving forward, they expect the troops will be used more in between the official crossings.

“We bring a skill set with respect to detection and monitoring that I think is going to be very valuable for CBP,” Admiral Gilday said.
What would the Dems want us to do....Just watch and wait? Seriously!

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It's insane that we use the US military to protect other country's borders and sovereignty, while many US politicians refuse to let our military protect our own borders.

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