How the Republican-controlled Congress failed President Trump
TWO CRAZY OBSTACLES in the way of allowing our President to get the job done......not for him...for US! You guys SUCK!...and we won't forget it.
To hear the White House and Republican leaders on Capitol Hill tell it, the just-concluded 115th Congress was a master class in bipartisan achievements.
The numbers suggest something altogether different. We’ve been successful on some things — tax reform in particular — [but] we’ve missed some opportunities,” Rep. Morgan Griffith, Virginia Republican, told The Times as he looked back in December. “We should have gotten the Obamacare repeal and replace done — that’s the Senate’s fault. Our product may not have been perfect, but it was better than what we have currently and the people o

The election of Trump should have been the equivalent of a minor revolution for our country, fixing so many of the things that have been corrupted by self-serving politicians interested only in their own power. Instead, Republicans working with the Deep State (and, of course, the democrats) created a quagmire and lead to where we are today.
After seeing democrats get away with felony after felony, including lying to Congress, destroying evidence, voter fraud, etc. and seeing how Mueller is basically using the FBI as his personal SS-Totenkopfverbande squad (vis a vis the ridiculous spectacle of the arrest of Roger Stone), it’s pretty apparent that the only thing that will fix our country now is an actual revolution. The only question is whether it will happen before or after the democrats turn this land into a 3rd world heIIhoIe like Venezuela.

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Trump is the beginning of the end, of the one party, pretending to be two.

That's why he won , there's more people who understand the truth, instead of believing the bullshit shoveled by the circus.

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