Nancy Pelosi behind Ruth Bader Ginsburg health cover-up!?
The Supreme Court says Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s recovery from cancer surgery is “on track” — but behind the scenes, there may be more to the story than officials are willing to admit.
For the first time in her 25-year career as a Supreme Court judge, the 85-year-old missed court arguments this week. And according to the highest court’s spokeswoman, Ginsburg is not expected to return to work next week either.
Where is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg?
It has been 55 days since the ailing Supreme Court justice has been seen in public. The 85-year-old liberal judge has started cancelling her scheduled public appearances in Febru

Runor has it that she has already passed,,,and the Demonkratz are just waiting for the Prsidents State of the Union...to disrupt his message, and belabor another WEEK LONG FUNERAL distraction.....
But we don't believe that the dems would stoop that low....afterall...its like performing an abortion in the 8th month of pregnancy!!! Who does that?????

Ruth Bader Ginsburg gets bad health news - The Horn NewsWhat's happening with Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Experts say it's not good -- and we have the inside scoop the mainstream media WON'T tell you!https://thehornnews.com/ruth-bader-ginsburg-gets-bad-health-news/
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