Can you afford to go to the doctor or is your health care free or almost free?

Image for post Can you afford to go to the doctor or is your health care free or almost free?
36% yes 21% no 43% almost free or free
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It's fairly reasonable now that I'm retired and have Medicare plus a supplement plan .... but first I paid into it for over fifty years while working and also paying for health insurance.

it ain't free, nothing is free, half my taxes go towards paying overbloated government, and their thieving members, perhaps I don;t pay for it directly, but throug taxes I pay for it, and I get crap for services, insane wait times, and piss poor help,

Very free.We have the NHS!Here in Wales everyone gets free prescriptions too.

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I have great insurance that covers most of my doctor/hospital bills.

Paid for by taxes. So not free but when you need it and dont have to worry about money it sure feels free and is very nice to have.

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You're right. I understand some people will make more use out of the system than others but that's not going to change my mind. At least alchohol and cigarettes are heavily taxed.

I have very good insurance and have great doctors at a top rated hospital. Insurance is a bit expensive, but I never want to have to visit an emergency room and be stuck waiting with the dregs of society.

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I stay away from emergency rooms, have you ever been in one? Poor people, gun shot victims, druggies, not for me, thank you.
kamala Harris is more of a moderate. A prosecutor who is tough on crime. The medicare for all is a pipe dream that will never happen, the tax increase would cause a revolt.

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You are probably right about Kamala. The democrats have taken a hard left turn, this is no longer the democrat party I have been a member of most of my life.

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Bill Clinton was a pretty good President, he paid down the national debt, the country was very prosperous. Had he not been such a slime-dog skirt chaser, I think he would have a better reputation.

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I wasn't born yet, when Richard Nixon was in power, but I heard he was one of the worst US presidents in existence. I come from Canada, in case you are wondering.

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Nixon was always kind of creepy, but he did open up China and if it weren't for Watergate and Nam, he would have had a much better reputation.

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If you call packing up and leaving 1/2 an hour before everything was going to be overrun and lost, as ending the war. Seems Caveman Don kind of has the same idea

I pay a lot for health insurance and my medical bills are still high. Irritates me when I see all those who don't pay a dime for insurance and they don't have to pay a penny. I have to pay for their medical as well as my own.

It still costs, out of pocket.
I'll only go to the doctor if I consider something to be life threatening, never had that happen yet and haven't been to a doctor in years.

I had to go to the emergency room, I guess about a year ago, from an accident with a nail gun.
My finger swole up good, so I figured I better let them see if something was in it.

They told me, there wasn't anything in it but further down on my hand there was a small piece of metal, that looked like it's been in there a long time.

When I got home, I got a razor blade and a pair of tweezers and dug the piece of metal out.

Glad I did that because when I got my bill, it was right at $2,000.
Had I known it would be that much, I would've poured peroxide on my finger, put a band aid on it and waited a couple of days, to see if the swelling would go down.

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Yea, I printed a medical certificate online, so next time it'll be...peroxide and a band aid. smirk2 smilie

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