Bad science: What bizarre things did you believe as a kid?

Some of mine:
-I thought that because hurricanes had names and because they have an "eye", then they must be living creatures. Thus, it was possible to destroy them in hand-to-hand combat. I thought tornados were living too, so I used to practice my tornado-fighting skills in my backyard when I was five.

-When I was little, I had a water gun fun with my brothers in my basement. Later that night, I went back to the basement to get something, and I noticed a puddle of water from the fight. I saw the water move slightly, thus I concluded that the water was actually expanding! I started getting really anxious afterwards that water left unattended would keep growing until it flooded the house.

-During the 2004 election, when I was too little to understand what a president was, I was an avid George Bush fan because my next door neighbor told me that if John Kerry won, he would kill all the girls. That same neighbor told me that winter that Bush was going to build a force field over the Earth so it would never snow again, so I started hating him.

Yeah, I wasn't the brightest little kid