Do you think the government can finance "free" Medicare/Medicaid for all, "free" college for all, etc., simply by taxing those with $10 million incomes at 70% or 90%, as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggests?

Anyone who can do simple arithmetic can figure out that there aren't enough millionaires and billionaires to finance these schemes.  They would require considerably higher tax rates from everyone who pays taxes.  Besides, the super wealthy never actually paid rates like 70 or 90%, even during the 1950s, as the attached article shows.

Bloomberg - Are you a robot?https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2019-01-29/hollywood-stars-didn-t-pay-90-percent-tax-they-created-loopholes
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the radical leftist leadership sees it as a route to political power, and the more intelligent ones surely know that what they are proposing can't work, but... they figure the system they plan to set up will at least last for the remainder of their lives, and after that, who cares?
After all, the Soviet Union lasted about 75 years, and it looks as if the Chinese communists are going to last longer than that.

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Yes, good on them, as long as it stays in the Middle Kingdom.

She is an idiot if she thinks the ultra wealthy are just going to pay that sort of thing. Anyone who thinks that facts don't matter, but what someone 'feels' is loony. Her fellow congressional members are already trying to get rid of her.

This is just another attempt at globalization.
They will just keep importing more people for us to pay for.
For those who say that the imports pay billions into our system, they always fail to tell us how much is taken out of our taxes to pay for all the entitlements that are given out but that we working class don't qualify for.
Free college? Does anyone remember the old saying, "you get what you pay for?" We see the results of this already and it seems that work is really not the end goal of education. Living off the works of others is how our politicians seem to operate.
No matter how much money government has, it will never be enough for these types of airheads. So it will ultimately fail but the government elites will have a lot more money in their pockets.

@ozzyboy This is just another attempt at globalization. They will just keep importing more people for us to pay for. For...

Oh, yes... come hell or high water, the government elites will always have stashed away plenty for a comfortable retirement, no matter what.

Yea...If "All" is several thousand people and/or you have an assistant named Tattoo.

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