Rashida Tlaib: Poster Child for Muslim Election Fraud
“First” Muslim Legislatrix Committed Election, Tax Fraud to Run: Lied About Residency
Longtime readers know about Michigan Rep. Rashida Harbi Tlaib, the Palestinian Michigan legislator and liberal Democrat who was touted as the first Muslim woman elected to the Michigan House. She’s also a rabid Israel-hater and supporter of illegal aliens, who got into office because she was hired and tirelessly promoted by her self-hating Jewish predecessor.
..............now here's the kicker.......that was in 2010.....
She is now one of two Muslim' women in CONGRESS....!!! Didn't anyone see the writing on the wall.???

If Tlaib wasn’t Muslim or an Arab, I doubt she’d get away with this. But she is, and, likely, she will. Despite the U.S. Constitution’s Establishment Clause prohibiting it, our government very much does prefer one religion over all others.

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