Do you know a hoarder?

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Messy stuff. I like things orderly.

@Will_Janitor Messy stuff. I like things orderly.

Messy is messy. I like things orderly too. 🙃

No. I don't see how anyone can live that way. I keep a very neat and orderly home.

I like to keep my place clean and organized, it's actually really stressful when the place is a mess. I do know a hoarder though, he always goes to thrift stores, flea markets, etc. and he always brings home a bunch of crap. He can't turn down a deal, and he doesn't need any of the crap he buys, he just buys things just to have them. He feels like he needs to "save" anything, and I have to be careful not to mention I threw something out, gave it away, etc. or he'll get upset and say "You should have saved that!" He loses things all the time, not little things that anyone would lose, but great big things such as electronic components. He's also accepted the fact that if he drops anything on the floor, even big things, it's gone forever. He does have some cool stuff, but it's disappointing when he buys it because he just adds it to the pile, doesn't do much with it afterwards, and eventually loses it. Some of that stuff could have went to someone who would use and truly appreciate it.

His family is less than pleased, but they seem to have accepted it and just put up with it.

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