Banking royal commission. What a fast. Honestly can we Australians do anything right any more?
One of our past leaders was quoted saying to us to look after yourself and don't worry about anyone else as long as your ok . Another one of his infamous quotes was, if you get away with it, its ok. What a catalyst for corruption.
Well the banks certainly took his words on board as did power, water, insurance, Telco and just about any other company you can think of. When those at the top of the chain are disrespectful, deceitful, dishonest and cheats then it will be able to flow all the way down as I think it has. This royal commission has exposed the banks but its so entrenched in our corrupt system that if nothing is done to the banks then the whole system will continue on its corrupt way

Favours for money, political donations, commissions and so on are so easily disguised and used corruptly. Stop it at the top and it will flow down. Jail those found responsible in the banks.
It wont happen because our politician's are too frightened of our corrupt system.
Run and hide.

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You just gave a great description of the corruption that is going on in the Trump administration.

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