if climate change was man made, then I guess we went through the ice ages and hot periods and in between all since the industrial revolution before that, earth's climate never changed.


i list this under politics instead of science because saying climate change is man made is 100% political, and science is used to try and shut down oposition. fact is climate has always changed and has more to do with how the sun is behaving then anything man has or will do.

heck just the forest fires and volcano activity in the last few years spew more co2 in the atmosphere then humans ever did in the last century.

climate change apocalypse fear mongers have existed ever since the discovery of oil, and ever since then they have tried to blame it, for well over a 100 years they have said earth would be destroyed by certain dates, all of which HAVE NEVER EVER COME close to happening, and its switched between global warming/cooling/change ever since, yet sheep still believe its our fault, all because a few pseudo scientists says so