CNN Commentator Slams Trump's SOTU: 'A Psychotically Incoherent Speech With Cookies & Dog Poop! .............
CNN commentator Van Jones appeared unhappy Tuesday night with President Trump's State of the Union address, describing the 82 minute-long speech as "psychotically incoherent" and filled with "cookies and dog poop."
Following Trump's second address to Congress, Jones explained his metaphor by saying the president combines positivity and condemnation.
"He tries to put together in the same speech these warm, kind things about humanitarianism and caring about children," Jones said. "At the same time, he is demonizing people who are immigrants in a way that was appalling."

"Cookies and dog poop". Mr. Jones is such an articulate and eloquent speaker. And yes, that is dripping with sarcasm.(and he didn't exactly say "DOG POOP"!) A vulgar no brain racist!
back in the day, good AND ETHICAL journalism included coherent arguments, reasoned debate and even humor, seen as a device to more effectively make a point than thoughtless personal attacks. The last I heard vulgarity doesn't belong in "journalism." But then, what this guy is doing isn't journalism.