bernies face...priceless, democrat reaction? PATHETIC! and shows their true colors

that was a good speech on Trumps part,

why the hell did the democrats not clap at lowest unemployment rates? all across the board?? why did they not clap at wanting to save and protect innocent lives?

liberals need people to be victims, to maintain a voter base, that is the entire liberal platform, minority is so oppressed, white people are so racist, white people are preventing minorities from getting a job and being productive, so when a president comes along that makes the environment friendly for these minorities to get jobs, democrats HATE that, because when people are busy making a life for themselves, they are too busy to be victims, and once they are out of that victim hood mentality why would they vote for a side that kept them down for so long?

and we all know where liberals stand on murdering innocent lives, they praise killing babies. and call it a "womans right" just like Hitler said it was an Aryan right to kill jews. so im not surprised they didn;t clap at that.

anyone notice how the democrats paid tribute to their former democrat party members who started the KKK with the all white clothes they wore?

trump has exposed liberals for what they truly are. (at least in politics and MSM)

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"why the hell did the democrats not clap at lowest unemployment rates?"

Because it started under Obama. In fact, the last two years of Obama's presidency, more jobs were added, than under the first two years of Trump.

Choke on that one, conservatives.


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