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Rotary phones with party lines ..... and wringer washing machines a smilie

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Lol...Maybe you should cut down on eating dehydrated beans.

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Rotary phone

Too old to rock n roll, too young to die.
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Yep, and operate a slide rule. :)

Oh, yeah.

I remember the rotary phone, that thing was a pain. And i am only in my 30's. There was a time or a few times, that had to deal with a black and white TV. I don't think, I dealt with 8 tracks, if I did I would be too young to remember. I did play not that many old Nintendo Video games, with a tape that, I don't know what to call it. Is it a different version of an 8 track?

Don't call yourself old. I might be younger than you, but don't do that to yourself.

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