On a cold day, choose: Warm Ugly Sweater or Pretty not-so-warm, long sleeve shirt or...other?

60% Warm ugly sweater 15% Pretty not-so-warm, long sleeve shirt 25% other
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That is a good look. in my opinion

Why not a nice looking snuggly warm top? You can always find something at a thrift store - I like salvation army store. Last year's fashions in decent condition are fine for me, I often get complements on things I wear.

I go for warmth, not how it looks.

It's all about staying warm for me. :)

Will_Janitors avatar Will_Janitor Warm ugly sweater +5Reply

Usually a long-sleeved tee shirt with a flannel shirt as a jacket.

I'm at the point in my life where I am more concerned about my comfort that what people may think.

JustJimColos avatar JustJimColo Warm ugly sweater +4Reply

I would wear a sweater made from a burlap sack, covered with Whoopie Goldbergs mugshot all over it....before I would pick being cold..

DandyDons avatar DandyDon Warm ugly sweater -1Reply
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