As of February 11, 2019, was Amirite acting up or it was just me?

85% Yes, it is / was 0% Nope, it is just you 15% other
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Posting things was a challenge. At times, I thought I lost all my achievements. I didn't. It only let me post things a specific way, hard to explain. Wasn't able to leave a comment...

It seems to be okay, now.

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I got my achievements back but they weren't working earlier. If you don't get them back, soon, get a hold of Anthony.

I think the purpose of the achievements, had more meaning in the past, than they do now.


As some people mentioned, the emojis aren't loading

Not just today, but the site has definitely been acting up for me lately. The videos being frozen, not being able to access email replies for a time, and comments name a few.
Most of those things have been a fairly brief issue, except for the comments duplicating.

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Everything was messed up for me, couldn't load emojis, couldn't open any of the music videos, had trouble logging on this morning, and a few more. I have contacted Anthony and I'm sure he will fix things ASAP.

The emojis won't load, that's about all I noticed.

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