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I still like the old songs with Sonny best.

I haven't seen a lot of her movies, but I liked her in Mask and Witches of Eastwick. I didn't realize she had been in so many.

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She has proven she has the chops for both acting and singing.

I think she's a great actress. But I only like some of her songs from when it was "Sonny and Cher".
One I love. I remember sitting in my car as this song came on the radio and told everybody to be quiet because back then, I couldn't just look it up on the internet. We were about to go drinking in our secret tunnel. Lol. But everyone did shut up. And I think they liked it too. That was 1997. Haven't heard it on the radio since then. YouTube video thumbnail

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I think she is a plastic surgeons best friend!

I have always liked her singing, but she was very good as an actress in Mask

I always like her and Sonny together, but not much as an actress.

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