Confirmed: FBI Attempted To Make Deal with State Dept To Hide Hillary Email Scandal!!the mainstream media tries to stir up more dirt over Mueller’s nothingburger case, we are learning so many interesting new things about a real crime.
You probably remember how Hillary Clinton committed a litany of crimes before and up to the 2016 Election. And how the FBI seemed to sweep them all under the carpet.
Now, new emails have been released, revealing just how much the agency tried to protect the Presidential candidate.we were broadsided when Director James Comey announced to the world that, while Clinton did break the law, the FBI was not pursuing charges. This was just after the Attorney General had a private meeting with Bill Clinton.
Hmm… nothing fishy about that!
This outraged more than a

Hillary Clinton used her Foundation to take money from foreign interests. Then, as Secretary of State, she gave out favors to those “donors.” They call it “pay-for-play.” Also, bribery.

Imagine what she was going to do, had she been elected president! Would there even be a United States by now? Or would she had sold us off, piece by piece, to foreign countries?
Regardless, the truth demands justice. Hillary must be held accountable. End Mueller’s witch hunt and prosecute the real criminals!
Many of the emails found on the computer were between Clinton and her senior adviser Huma Abedin, Weiner’s now-estranged wife. Despite claims by top FBI officials, including Strzok, several of those emails were determined to contain classified information. [Source: Fox News]
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